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Source: David Red

This Teacher's Meme Game Is So Strong It Is Actually Helping Students Learn

By Aimee Lutkin

David Red is a professor at St. John’s River State College in Florida, so he works with students who are technically adults. But they're still more into memes than studying, which he has used to his advantage. Red told Bored Panda that he tries to connect with his students based on their interests.

“Students generally seem to really like the memes or really anything I do that makes it feel to them like I'm actually trying to talk to them and not just reading from a script or text,” said Red. “For example, in one of my classes this year I wore pink every Wednesday and the first test was entirely themed on Mean Girls. Some of them started wearing pink on Wednesdays too and they really enjoyed it. It became almost like a 'team color.'”

But Red's true strength is his meme game: