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Source: twitter

30+ Royal Wedding Memes To Troll Your Friends Who Won't Shut Up About It


Even though I totally understand why people are obsessed with the Royal Family, I still get annoyed by people who just won't shut up about it.

I know, our obsession with prestigious bloodlines dates back to the earliest days of Greek Drama, through Shakespeare's plays and even modern day Disney movies. What kid hasn't dreamt of being a part of some grand, rich and powerful family filled with intrigue and highfalutin snob-snobbery along with a storybook wedding?

That's especially true of the English royal family. People are so enamored by them that tons of money and talent were poured into producing The Crown, which not only happens to be a really, really good, but it's immensely popular, as well.

But that doesn't mean it isn't kind of pathetic to be so obsessed with the wedding of someone you haven't or will probably never meet, so much to the point where you don't show the same kind of passion in your own life, dreams, or aspirations. Living vicariously through a social media stream about someone else's marriage is kind of sad, but that one person in your office who won't shut up about it doesn't see that.

So to get back at them, show them these memes cracking jokes at their beloved event's expense.

1. You can bother them by casting doubt on Meghan's true intentions.