13 Things Everyone Looks Forward To During Graduation Season



Oh, graduation— the passage that marks the end of traditional education and your matriculation into the real-life school of hard knocks. 

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While some students handle this transition with exemplary grace and intellectual aplomb,  there are others who handle this rite of passage with such ingenuity and hilarity that it catches the attention of the world at large. 

By which we mean the internet. Like this young girl who took graduation photos to a whole other level — and divided a nation while doing so. Or this girl, who instead recreated her teen mom's graduation photo 18 years later, proving that stereotypes are meant to be broken. 

And with graduation season nearing its end, here are some of the best grad moments that feature a cap and gown — and by cap we mean over-the-top, decorated, and blinged out graduation caps that make moving the tassel from right to left on that commencement stage all the more exciting. 

1. Let's start with these congratulatory cakes.

2. And these guys, who MASTERED their impressive stage moves.

3. As well as these guys who decidedly did NOT.

4. This girl, who had the longest fall of all time.

5. And this other girl, whose fall wasn't documented — but we believe it.

6. These hilarious caps.

7. These impressively crafty caps.

8. And this cap ATTACK.

9. These inspired graduation announcements.

10. Then there's the rest of us, who have to endure hours of roll call because someone we love finally got a degree.

Some of us get philosophical about it.

Some play games to make the ceremony go faster.

Others are bitter, but we love them anyway.

So don't listen to us, if this day is for you.

Congrats, class of 2018!

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