This Woman's Hilarious Hotel Experience Is Why You Don't Book Based On Photos



Don't travel if you don't have a flexible nature. There's no way to plan anything to perfectly meet your expectations, and often the best adventures we have are the ones we didn't plan at all. It's also important to follow simple safety rules — especially when traveling alone. Like, be aware of your surroundings and doing your research — i.e. cultural norms, customs, how to dress, scams, natural disasters, political climate — before you set off to avoid dangerous situations. 

However, it's still really hard not to be disappointed occasionally. Because even with the most thorough planning, the reality sometimes does not match your expectations in everything from the weather to what you thought you be the most Instagrammable hotel infinity pool in the world. 

Bad weather:

Source: reddit


Source: reddit

Or maybe like Twitter user Jenny Kershaw, a very different spa experience than you anticipated:

Kershaw shared two side by side pics, one from the advertisement for her hotel in Vietnam, one of the actual pool when she arrived, and it's the perfect example of why we should keep our hopes low instead of high. 


Source: Twitter

Versus reality:

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The company Kershaw booked through notice her viral tweet and offered to work things out—I guess magically transport her to a less terrible pool? But she seems to find it more funny than anything:

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"It’s ok, I don’t want to file a’s just funny," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "And I notice the pictures conveniently been changed now anyway."

But other people have pointed out she should have been able to see the pool's size on the site, though probably not its dankness:

Source: Twitter
Source: twitter

The mind plays tricks on us. You see a shiny blue pool on a roof and you expect something more than what's being presented. 

And this is what you get instead:

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And people pointed out it could have been worse:

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You just gotta keep chasing those pool dreams!

Source: reddit

Even when they come up empty.

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