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25 "Artists" Who Should Stick To Their Day Jobs

25 "Artists" Who Should Stick To Their Day Jobs
Updated 1 week ago

One of the hardest things for a burgeoning creative is learning to value their work. In this gig economy, there is no shortage of people looking to take advantage of eager talent willing to work for “experience,” and even those with years of work under their belt can sometimes feel unsure of themselves when negotiating rates.

With this in mind, it’s a wonder to behold someone who clearly has a ways to go in mastering their craft go forth into the world with the confidence of a thousand white men.

Like this person, who thought their skills were impressive enough to cash in on the Deadpool hype.
Or this guy, who expected someone to buy this drawing after their original patron blocked them over it.
This optimist really believed someone out there would pay hundreds for this Harley Quinn horrorshow.

It actually seems that many people are under the impression that there is a huge market for hand-drawn celebrity portraits?
Seriously, a lot.
TFW you notice the price tag.
It's unclear if this is supposed to be Willie Nelson or Kyle MacLachlan, but it will definitely be haunting your dreams tonight.
Ah, yes, the perfect gift for the family member you hate.
It's not just celebrities, though. People are out here defiling your childhood memories and trying to charge for it.
Because legitimate super hero merch is scarce and prohibitively expensive.
Ditto for Disney.
And the ever-elusive Family Guy wall hanging, a truly original collector's piece.
Not everyone is trying to ride the franchise coattails, though. Some true originals can be found out there.
Why take a photo when you can pay for a grotesquely unflattering portrait?
For the low, low price of $15, you too can make your home look like a serial killer's lair.
Proof that "one of a kind" does not equate to valuable.
The cringe isn't just limited to "fine art", there are all types of creatives offering their subpar services.
I mean, who really needs training anyway?
Cosmetology school be damned!
Then there are those who are just straight up hustling.
Like whoever tried to sell this painting made by a literal child.
Or this person attempting to profit from their drinking habit.
And the person who tried to sell this offensively bad forgery.
Or how about this guy, who deadass tried to pawn off his 6th grade school project as "abstract art."
So the next time you feel imposter syndrome rear it's ugly head, just try to channel a fraction of the confidence of the ~artistes~ on this list.
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