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This Woman's Story About Shutting Up A Rude, Talkative House Guest Is Incredible

This Woman's Story About Shutting Up A Rude, Talkative House Guest Is Incredible
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Updated 4 weeks ago

I'm an extremely talkative person. I know a lot of that stems from the fact that I feel like I constantly need to entertain people and myself. It's a big, big problem I've been working on over the past few years.

So when I catch myself talking too much, I mentally step back, I ask the other person's thoughts on the matter, I find what's interesting in what they're saying and try to pursue what they want to talk about in the conversation instead of just yap, yap, yapping away like the gregarious fool that I am.

Because no one likes someone who just won't shut the heck up about utter nonsense that's mostly centered around themselves.

I only really became aware of my problem after I was dumped by someone who mentioned that they never felt like I was actually listening to them during our conversations, which was a harsh, but hugely important wake-up call for me.

A wake-up call that this chatty house guest who goes by the name of Gary sounds like he is in dire need of after spending a couple of evenings with this woman and her husband, Will. She complained about Gary's inability to shut up in a since-removed Reddit r/relationships post, asking people for advice.

Thankfully, since nothing is ever really deleted off the internet, someone screencapped what she posted on Twitter.

And the story is hilariously insane.

In the post, Reddit user tells the tale of Gary, who is set to stay with them for a week.

She reveals that the first three days of Gary's visit has been a loquacious nightmare. Will's old college buddy won't stop talking and anytime they attempt to have a conversation about anything other than what Gary wants to talk about (himself), he just powers through and even goes so far as to talk over his hosts.

After suffering through his non-stop chatter for three entire days, she decided that she finally had enough over dinner.

Calling Gary out on his behavior didn't help. Asking him to let her finish her conversation or respond with what she was talking about didn't help either, even when his old college pal asked him to stop being such a conversation hog. Gary just kept attempting to plow through and talk about whatever he wanted to talk about.

That's when our OP decided to take matters into her own hands and give Gary a taste of his own medicine. By not acknowledging him in any way, shape, or form, while taking his dinner entree from him and eating it silently.

What's crazy to me is that Bri (OP), thinks that she was wrong for eating Gary's steak, which I don't think is the case at all. If everything she wrote about this guest is true, it sounds like showing him what it feels like to be completely disregarded is the only way to handle this situation.

It also helps that imagining the entire situation is just super hilarious.

People think Bri's move was absolutely perfect and totally justified.

It's hard to find anyone who really feels sorry for Gary.

Especially because we've all met one at some point in our lives.

OP's story resulted in a bunch of excellent puns, too. So that's a plus.

Even though Bri deleted her Reddit post, it didn't stop people from throwing in their two cents about how she should react.

Personally I don't think Will has the right to be angry. Sure, Gary is his friend and all, but honestly, Gary sounds like a real nightmare and he totally brought it all on himself.

What do you think?

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