28 Knock-Off Brands That Really Thought They Were Slick

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 18 2019, Updated 12:02 p.m. ET

Source: reddit

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes, people flatter a little too much and produce something that's clearly a shameless rip-off associated with a popular franchise or product from a company that worked darn hard for their reputation.

And if you grew up poor, then you are all too familiar with the delight that quickly transformed into ignominy when you received a gift thinking it was the toy or clothing item, and, after a second, realized that you were gifted some Canal Street knock-off that looks like it was made in a sad basement filled with broken childhood dreams.

There are some companies that try to hide the fact that they're ripping off a popular brand or service, and then there are others that completely own it. The items in this list are of the latter group. 

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1. Like this shameless Samsung TV rip-off, the SHAASUIVG TV that really isn't fooling anybody.

2. The "Amicable Herculean" series of toys never really took off. I wonder why?

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3. Anyone else up for a rousing game of "Sea Battle" or "4 in a line"?

4. Imagine you're just strolling around China and you happen upon this store. These clothes are rich in potassium, somehow.

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5. Some people truly enjoy sipping on the finer things in life. Then there are people who like to drink this.

6. Anyone looking to buy an iPhone? This model has removable batteries as well. Sick!

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7. Disney's "Freeze Fashion" series. Definitely love the sisterly duo of Very Cold and Very Passion.

Source: reddit

8. Oh man, I've always wanted an "Intelligent Touching tom cat with wonderful voice."

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9. Nothing better than cooling off with an ice-cold glass of Mr. Pepper after a hard day's work.

10. Oh snap, you didn't hear about the new Peppa Pig/Gucci collab? They've got some sick stuff, actually.

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11. For reasons that have been befuddling marketers all over the world, this game didn't do well in Canada.

12. Something tells me this isn't a licensed Marvel product. Also, please pick a single video game to bite off of.

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13. I don't know why margarine companies are so insistent on telling us their product isn't butter.

14. I also have no idea why the heck they're being so darn existential, either.

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15. Gotta love those costume manufacturer lawsuit workarounds.

16. "Hey! These Tromers belong to Fran, do you hear me?!"

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17. Something tells me this thing doesn't play Crash Bandicoot or any post-1995 Mario game.

18. When you're an imitation of SPAM, then you know you've hit rock-bottom as a product.

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19. Seriously, what is it with Peppa Pig and Gucci?

20. I love that the new Star Invaders shows us the perspective of an actual Space Trooper.

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21. Can't wait for the Lele movie with Pris Cratt.

22. "Darth Vader, you should really get that checked out."

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23. This is why I would throw the boxes away in the garbage and keep the bags only in the pantry as a kid.

24. Their vapid smiles mock your childhood disappointment.

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25. I know Disney owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm, but come on.

26. I mean, when you're eating garbage snack cakes, does it really matter what they're called?

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27. If it says "high quality" on the box, that's when you can be 100% sure that it isn't.

28. Not just Kentucky, but the entire South can be attributed for the inspiration behind these delights.

 You might be laughing now but it's all fun and games until you have to live with an off-brand product. Pray it doesn't happen to you.

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