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This "F- Your Zodiac" Meme Shows How to Really Judge Someone's Character



I can't count the number of times I wanted to bash my head through a wall whenever I tell a story, then someone asks me what my sign is, and I tell them, and they say, "Wow, that's such a Leo thing to do."

No, it's not a Leo thing to do. Now is it an Aries or a Cancer or a Gemini or a Libra or a Pisces or whatever the hell your zodiac sign is thing to do? Because astrology is stupid, moronic, and doesn't give any insight into someone's character.

I know what you're thinking, "Wow, he's a Leo, he's so stubborn! See! There's something to these signs!" Well if you thought that, you got played, because I'm not a Leo. Well you played yourself first and foremost, for seriously wasting your time with this astrological nonsense. 

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Now although there are plenty of memes out there that totally indulge people's beliefs in astrology and leave you feeling like, "LOL omg that's SO me!," there's a new set of memes that kicks zodiac signs to the curb in favor of things that really speak to the kind of person you are: "f--- your zodiac sign."

The format is simple, you start with a simple statement: "f--- your zodiac sign" and then you attach what a real indicator of a person's character is. The best part is that there's a zodiac meme for everyone.

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Many of them are just universal truths. Personally, my family's always been an out-in-the-open group of people. Funnily enough, everyone I've ever dated and the person I eventually married were all the same, so there might be something to his theory.

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Like any good meme though, it became more and more niche, eventually heading into some nerdier territory. It doesn't make the tweets any less true, however. 

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Sure anime could be the absolute worst sometimes (I hate it when teardrops randomly appear over someone's head and they crash to the ground out of nowhere screaming, "d'oh!") but the same applies to everyone. We all have that one friend who needs captions on Netflix all the time. Forget that noise.

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This is another very important question: If you pick Wario, Donkey Kong, or Bowser, you're a pro. If you pick Toad, you're a cheating little sneakthief and you deserve every loss you've ever received in the game.

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Some Twitter users saw the meme as a unique opportunity to scam some people. Jokingly of course, but if you're vapid enough to actually believe that your astrological sign controls your life destiny then why wouldn't you give your personal information to a complete stranger?

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It's astounding to see how some of their examples strike to the core of who we truly are. It was Greek mythology for me growing up, but now I'm married to someone Egyptian, so I've switched sides.

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When it comes to media and pop culture, it doesn't get much better than these examples. Do you blast Drake? Or are you more of an '80s beautiful moroseness kind of listener who enjoys Morrissey's mellow whining? Maybe you like sad country?

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Of course there were some people who got a little too serious with it and kinda sucked all the fun out of the meme. This first one is really wholesome though.

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For some reason, people just couldn't shake their obsessions, (sometimes unnatural obsessions) with Nintendo characters. Although I do think it'd be impossible for me to ever get along with anyone who'd pick Bulbasaur over Charmander or Squirtle. Also the answer to the second one? Luigi. 100%.

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And if you really wanted to get granular with someone and need more information than just the the day of their birth to surmise the kind of individual they were born to be, you could follow this guy's lead and get as clear a picture as possible.

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Yeah, this is all way better than astrology.

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