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Source: istock

11 Times Reading a Note Aloud in Class Backfired on the Teacher


It might have seemed like a good idea at first — punishing students by humiliating them in front of their peers — but for some teachers, that plan quickly backfired.

Especially when it comes to make teens read the notes they were caught passing in class out loud in front of everyone. Educators (and students) from across America shared their most cringeworthy stories on reddit and reminded everyone that sometimes it's just easier to throw the note away and pass out a detention slip. 

1. Honesty is the best policy.

Source: istock
"Not really a note, but when I was teaching college classes, I caught two of the girls whispering, so I told them 'If you're going to tell secrets, you need to share with the rest of the class.' (I taught preschool before this). She looked right at me, and said, without the slightest embarrassment, 'I was just telling her that I think you have a cute butt.'
I was teaching a Communications class, and we were discussing communications in the workplace, and I looked down at the textbook. After seeing what the next section was, I said "Ok, moving on to the next section, titled 'Sexual Harassment.'" Everyone roared with laughter.
A couple weeks later, at a baseball game paid for by the school, she came on to me really hard, with my fiancée right there."