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Source: istock/distractify

This Fifth Grader Just Schooled a Boy in Her Class With Six Simple Rules

By Anna Quintana

Crushes are very common on the playground — but when it's not reciprocated, it can be heartbreaking for a young child. However, one fifth grader took matters into her own hands when her classmate wasn't taking her hints. 

In 2016, Zoe unknowingly schooled one boy, Noah, on consent when she wrote him a note with her "rules and regulations." Using a colorful array of markers, Zoe broke down the six simple rules she expected him to follow now that she made it clear she did not want to be his girlfriend. 

Thanks to a friend of Zoe's teacher's, we are able to see these "rules" and share with some grown-ups who still haven't learned how to talk to woman. "My friend who's a 5th grade teacher just sent this to me! I'm dead," Denver Jones tweeted before sharing Zoe's rules, which begin with "Do not  touch my shoulder."