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People Are Sharing the Lies They Kept Up for Years and Honestly It's a Lesson in Commitment


If you're old enough to be reading the internet, you've definitely told a regrettable lie before. Maybe it was back in high school when you said you were going to some movie to get your parents off your back, but were actually hanging out with friends. Or maybe you just casually mentioned something in passing to impress a significant other, but now it's five years later and they're still bugging you to serenade them with your concert-level clarinet skills. 

Whatever your white lie is or was, it's probably hilarious if you've managed to keep it going for this long. At least it is to me and to the internet. To prove it to you, we've collected some hilarious stories of people who went to great lengths to keep up their inconsequential lies.

1. At least this shows how much he cares.

Source: istock
Not mine, but: my grandparents both have birthdays only a few days apart, June 3 and June 6, with my grandma's birthday coming first. 
When they were in their first few months of dating, my grandpa told her they were going to celebrate on June 3 for "the both of us." This being their first time really discussing birthdays, my grandma took this to mean that they were both born on the same day. 
She played it up, oh, we're soulmates, look at us, born on the same day of the same year. That kind of thing. My grandpa didn't realize his mistake until she told him happy birthday on June 3, but she was so happy about it he couldn't bring himself to correct her and was just like, yeah, cool, we're born on the same day
This went on for years, with him actively hiding his birthday mail from her and pretending that his folks were calling him on June 3 rather than June 6. She didn't find out until over a decade later, when they were married, and she was mortified that for the last ~12 years she'd been celebrating his birthday on the wrong day.
Not really a lie, per se, but I can't believe he let it run for that long.

- helena-von-troja