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26 Memes for Anyone Who's Happy Conor Mcgregor Lost to Khabib



Conor McGregor's not just the biggest name in Mixed Martial Arts, he's also one of the biggest star athletes in the world, and that fame has been propelled by his epic smack talk and ability to sell a fight. Any pugilist who has a scrap with McGregor can enjoy a hefty paycheck, along with an out-of-control build up to said fight.

The brash Irishman treated his lightweight fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov no different, and even got himself arrested for attacking a bus with a posse the Dagestani fighter was sitting in in retaliation for Khabib's team accosting his friend and training partner Artem Lobov in a hotel lobby.

And while there was a point in time the two men were on friendly terms and even discussed training together, it was clear that the two camps seriously hated each other leading up to their huge bout at UFC 229. In case anyone thought it was all drummed up to sell fight tickets, that notion clearly went out the window when Khabib, after submitting McGregor in the fourth round of their fight, jumped out of the cage to fight Conor's entire team after they were still talking smack following the Dagestani fighter's victory.

All of the drama left the fight as one of the most talked about scraps in sports history, and left the internet with tons of memes relishing in the fact that Conor talked a huge game, but ended up losing big-time.

1. There were the Drake memes.

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This one captured the horror/excitement people experienced when Khabib decided to jump out of the cage and try to fight Dillon Danis, McGregor's friend and grappling coach, after he exchanged words with the UFC lightweight champ.

2. Little God's plan joke.

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A lot of Khabib's fans made some Muslim-themed memes to highlight that Conor's trash-talking wasn't backed up when he tapped to a face crank from the Dagestani fighter.

3. A lot of my Muslim bros got a kick out of this one.

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You know, because Islam is defined as "submission to God," and Conor was submitted and...well, you know once a joke is explained it isn't really all that funny anymore.

4. Others noticed a correlation between Drake's support and their win record.

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So if you're a fighter and Drake wants to be in your corner, maybe take a second or two to reconsider.

5. Other memes roasted McGregor's upbeat attitude after the loss.

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There's always a downside to talking smack. Sure, you sell the fight, but when you lose, well, it's not a good look. Especially when you were dominated like Conor was.

6. There were memes for students...

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I mean, yeah, this first image was from a completely different fight, but Conor did come out totally swag-tastic prior to his fight with Khabib.

7. Of course Crying Jordan was going to make an appearance.

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All of Ireland probably took the loss particularly hard after seeing Conor controlled and dominated for four rounds before finally succumbing to Khabib's submission.

8. Can you spot what's off here?

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Crying Jordan strikes again.

9. Some thought Conor didn't show up to fight at all.

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Then again, it's hard to prepare for a guy who was wrestling bears at 12 years old.

10. Others pointed out that McGregor probably isn't too broken up about the loss.

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I mean, he's set to make a cool $50 million for his Khabib fight after PPV buys are factored in.

11. Some of the memes found uncanny likenesses.

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That is an uncanny resemblance. I'd be down to see a scrap between these two, on a completely unrelated note.

12. The fan footage of the post-fight antics were insane too.

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I got Nacho Libre by TKO for his next bout.

13. Lots of people are excited for the rematch, too.

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Hell in a cell? Yes, please.

14. Others highlighted just how gangster Khabib is.

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Still wish he didn't jump over the cage, though. I would've loved to see Khabib on a Wheaties box.

15. People aren't going to let Drake forget it.

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Hey that's the fight game. I hope he drops a single about it.

16. This classic format never gets old.

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Something tells me that Khabib wouldn't approve of this joke, however.

17. I'm praying, I'm praying!

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This is a top-level photoshop right here.

18. Khabib, I love you, but we need to talk about that beard.

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Still won the fight, though.

19. It was something straight out of WWE.

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I think Khabib's gonna win the next one via Boston Crab.

20. Some accurately predicted the outcome for the fight.

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I mean he didn't look that bad afterwards, just a real good shiner under his left eye.

21. Even Mike Tyson commented on the insanity.

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And this is coming from a man who bit another fighter's ear off.

22. These were all so good.

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I relate hard to that last one.

23. 'Avengers' fans, this one's for you.

Whoever created this is a genius.

24. Drake strikes again.

This man has provided us with so many memes for so many years, bless him.

25. How have I not seen this video before?

Yes, he has an English accent but it's so so good.

26. Only a matter of time before a 'Snatch' reference was made.

So wonderful.

We still don't know what kind of punishment Khabib is potentially facing from the Nevada State Athletic commission, but if he's suspended for a long period of time, the UFC may strip him of his belt. So Conor might just get the last laugh with this one. If anything it's just more fodder for a rematch. I love the fight game.

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