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25 People Reveal the Best Comeback Jokes They Ever Encountered IRL


There are fewer things sweeter than nailing a good comeback in the moment. We've all experienced the "spirit of the staircase' before: when you walk away from a situation and are either already down the street, on the way home, or laying down for the night when that perfect thing to say pops into your head.

That's why it's probably best to stay on your toes by trying out your best comeback jokes on your friend. Call it research or whatever you'd like, but this excellent AskReddit thread has a dope assortment of reactions and stories of epic return-fire quips that'll inspire your inner Winston Churchill.

1. The belt.

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I went to catholic high school and had to wear a belt every day as part of the uniform. One day I had forgotten the belt, and the vice principal, who was a very fat man had caught me. He said, “Excuse me young man, I can’t see your belt.” I stopped in my tracks and said “Yeah? I can’t see yours either.’ I was on the receiving end of five days detention for that one.

-  andrewhoohaa