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Source: Getty / Twitter

11 Oddly Philosophical Tweets from Celebs That Are Honestly Trippy to Read

By Pippa Raga

There's come a time in every tweeter's life when you're scrolling through your feed, read a tweet next to a "verified" blue checkmark, and just have to do a double take. 

Whether it's because the tweet is curiously cryptic — like the time Martha Stewart tweeted the lone letter 'r' — or because we're not expecting to be served spoonfuls of philosophy with our morning cup of entertainment gossip, celebrity Twitter is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Below, 11 celebrity tweets that were so trippy, they've made us respect the famous people who wrote them even more.

1. The time T-Pain was stuck in traffic.

Source: Twitter

The other day, T-Pain asked his Twitter following, "Ever wonder how many ghosts you've hit with your car?" 

Gee, I hadn't given it too much thought until just now, but considering I'm already terrified of being behind the wheel, this is definitely not a spiral I needed to be sent on.

T-Pain even followed up his initial tweet with this message: "I got hit by a car when I was in the third grade but there was a girl across the street that I was trying to impress and her name was Bertha and her dad use to beat her up and scream at her all the time so I was playing with her in the street but I got hit got up and walked home."