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Source: istock

18 Sign Language Jokes That'll Have You Spelling L-M-A-O


Some jokes, usually physical comedy, can break language barriers. Sure, different people from different parts of the world might find certain gags funnier than others, but there's some type of comedy that's universal.

I personally have always most enjoyed humor that speaks to me specifically. Whether it's obscure references or a play on words that's endemic to my area or culture, I get tickled pink when I feel like a quip was meant for a select few who are "in the know.

After reading through some of these hilarious sign language jokes, I kind of wish I brushed up on my ASL so I'd get to use some of these in person. As funny as these are to read, I can only imagine how much better they'd be to actually use in a conversation.

1. To sign, or not to sign.

Source: wikimedia

When it comes to descriptive and literal sign language words, the old Playwright Billy Shakes's last name has a great sign, as pointed out by redditor very_large_ears:

"The sign for Shakespeare is the sign for spear (a hand, elevated, holding the imaginary shaft of a spear), then vigorously shaken."