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These Are the Best Doubletake Photos of 2018



Life is full of moments that make you pull a Patrick Stewart double, triple, or even quadruple take.

Sadly though, it's hard to share these moments that make you go, "huh?" with people, unless you're fortunate enough to capture photographic evidence of it in the nick of time.

Due to the advent of camera-equipped smartphones, however, the internet's been blessed with plenty of these what-in-tarnation images that'll have you questioning your sanity. Here are the best ones of 2018.

1. The watchful guardian of the tower.

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It's amazing, I never though anyone would manage to snap a photo of her, yet here we are. That guy behind her should watch his hands, though.

2. Don't understand why people like the food here.

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I heard it tastes like crap, don't understand why it stays in business.

3. This toothy dog.

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I'm on the fence on whether or not I should be afraid of this pupper or not.

4. Those rabbits really love dancing.

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Oh wait, they're just standing on one leg.

5. Either this guy's guy eyes on the back of his head...

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Or he has no nose.

6. An accurate picture of me when I decide to break my low-carb diet.

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How do they even make bread that large it's insane.

7. He's sassy, he's got one tiny arm, he's...

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Sasssy one-tiny-armed expo visitor man! Wonder when Marvel's gonna make a movie about him.

8. Prom is beautiful to different people for different reasons.

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For some, it's all about a family sized bag of Nacho Cheesier Doritos.

9. Found the vanisher's car.

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Kind of disappointing that a superhero rolls around in a tenth generation Camry.

10. These organic people are going too far.

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It does look quite refreshing, however.

11. Stretch Armstrong.

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CBS, Sundays. This fall.

12. I don't know what's worse...

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The fact that he's fake bowling at a bowling alley, or that he hurt his hand while playing on a tablet.

13. Oh sweet, three people can sit up front.

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Must be kind of cramped in that sporty little convertible, though.

14. Ugh no wonder why...

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...his photos turned out so bad.

15. The cow must have very long moos.

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I'm almost afraid to look behind it and see the really long neck.

16. Nothing like chasing a candy bar down...

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...with some battery acid. Yummy yummy.

17. Caught in a bad bromance.

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Just look at the dude in the red jacket's face and tell me he doesn't look like he got caught putting his hand down someone's pants.

18. The upside down bite...

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...the most devastating of canine attacks.

19. I mean I get excited during presentations too but...

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...I've never peed myself in front of everyone.

20. Chicken leg kick-stand.

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Something about it doesn't necessarily inspire confidence.

21. Pikachu, please stop.

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Please, you're ruining my image of you as a cute and cuddly electric mouse.

22. Someone call Al Sharpton.

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There's a worse mirror selfie than his out there.

23. Oh! I love scaly pandas!

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I mean they look a little different than the fuzzy ones in the picture, but I'm still gonna try to pet them.

24. This family takes Christmas super seriously.

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Here's hoping Daddy got coupons for Ted's Roofing Company this Christmas.

25. That tree does not look like a tree...

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I know what this looks like and I can hear you laughing, but plug it — this is a family site.

26. It's a gun whistle.

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Just put the barrel in your mouth and blow.

27. I would be afraid to eat this.

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But she doesn't seem to mind.

28. All right well there's a ramp, but...

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...we want you to work for it a little bit at the end. Good luck.

29. Why. Just why.

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Seriously, there's no reason to design a light switch like this. 

30. The greatest balancing act of all time, or...

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...this photographer has amazing timing.

31. Spaghetti and gravel balls. My favorite.

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The meal was delicious, but the service at this place is a little rocky. Despite the holes in the dining experience, I'd definitely eat here again.

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