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Source: Reddit

These 2018 Mugshots Might Not Have Been Funny on Purpose, but We Can't Stop Laughing

By Pippa Raga

Getting arrested is far from being a fun activity or enviable pastime, but you might not think it from looking at some of these incredible photos from the funniest felons of 2018. From the widely circulated huge neck criminal to choice outfits and hilarious hairdos, these people make jail look fun. 

Keep scrolling for some of the most hilarious mugshots of 2018.

1. Tupac's Back!

Source: Reddit

Earlier this year, the internet was very excited to see that famed rapper Tupac was back among the living, as confirmed by this funny headshot. Unclear why he tacked on the "Jeez Fizzy" after his first name — my guess is it was to throw fans off his scent.