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Source: twitter

Guy "Breaks up" with His Gym-Bro Over Text and Things Get Petty Quickly

By Mustafa Gatollari

Finding a great workout partner is pretty much like spotting a unicorn: it doesn't happen very often, and for some of us, never. Getting that special someone who knows how to push you to go after that extra rep, who keeps your form on point and inspires you the right way is tough. But like all relationships in life, sometimes it doesn't work out with your gym bro.

One guy's girlfriend shared the brutal "break-up" text her boyfriend's gym partner sent, and the fallout is just as petty and painful as a nasty breakup.

Source: twitter

He alerted him of the news in the classic breakup format, letting him know that "it's not you, it's me." He even tried softening the blow by telling him he's not getting the same pumps while doing chest and back workouts is due to circumstances out of his control.

Then there's the introduction of the third party, in this instance "the big black dude" at the gym.