Nicole Kidman Slams Giada's Pizza On 'Ellen' And We Can't Stop Laughing



When it comes to celebrity cooking segments, it's easy for things to fly off the handle immediately.

Mostly because fine cooking is a skill that's acquired over years and years of practice. And even then, when you're cooking in front of a live studio audience, with celebrities at your side, it's difficult to maintain your composure in a situation like that.

Something that Food Network star Giada de Laurentiis learned the hard way when she appeared on Ellen to make some orange slice pizza abomination with Nicole Kidman and the talk show host.

Things went off the rails fairly quickly.

In the video, Kidman doesn't appear too happy to be working on this pizza, complaining about it and making a mess of things from the start. When she finally does get to taste the finished product, she wasn't too impressed. Which is enough to send the three woman into fits of laughter. It's something you rarely see on a cooking show -- an honest response to how something tastes. Cause there's no way you get it right each time, especially with how rushed these whole segments are. You're bound to make some crappy pies sometimes, we're just glad they had and awesome sense of humor about the whole thing.

Their giddiness and enthusiasm is infectious. Just try watching Kidman deliver the deadpan, brutal comment without cracking up. Watch the hilarity yourself below:

When it comes to late-night show shenanigans and cooking segments, however, not even Kidman's blunt response can match the awesomeness of Gordon Ramsay trying to teach Norm McDonald a recipe while on Conan O'Brien's show. He's probably the king of judging foods and will just straight up tell you like it is.

I don't know what it is about celebrities and cooking, but it yields hilarious results.

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