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People Are Sharing Their Step Brothers 2 Memes Because They Can't Wait For A Sequel

By Mustafa Gatollari

Step Brothers is one of the greatest comedies to come out of Hollywood over the past few decades. The dynamic between Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly was on par, possibly even better that what we saw in Talladega Nights. I kid you not, it was that good in the movie.

It has become one of the most quotable movies of recent years, joining the ranks of Anchorman and The Other Guys (aim for the bushes, anyone?) and has found a cult following that rivals that of Star Wars. Or not, but there is a Star Wars reference in the movie at some point so by the transitive property, yea, it kind of does have that.

Tons of people imagine themselves at the Catalina Wine Mixer, an event that was given more exposure than every ad the organization ever paid for put together prior to the release of this movie, wishing to hear that a sequel of one of the finest films to grace the big screen is ready to be released to the general public, only to end up being disappointed.

You ever look forward to something so much that you feel like you can wish it into existence?

Sometimes you just can't wait for the real thing - like this kid who created a fake Nintendo Switch out of cardboard to tide him over until Christmas came around

And although fans who've been clamoring for a Step Brothers sequel may be left out in the cold for a while, doesn't mean they haven't come up with ways to entertain/delude themselves until a new film is confirmed. Heck, there's even a fake Step Brothers 2 Facebook page that's got a decent following.