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Source: Jay Colton/Getty

People Are Rising Up Against Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Wrappers--And It's About Time

By Chet Dawson

John Haltiwanger is a reporter for Newsweek who specializes in foreign affairs and defense.

And, now, candy. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are among the finest of the Halloween delights, a prized commodity when it comes to post-trick-or-treat trading. Reese's have been a staple in every Halloween haul since basically Trick-or-Treating became a thing. According to a U.S. convenience store channel, Reese's is 62% larger than the next brand in terms of candy, and makes up over 47% of season sales. Yep, that means Reese's is basically the King of Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and Valentine's day. It's easy to see why, they've been pleasing generations since 1928 and have a rabidly loyal following. Heck they even have a cereal! 

And yet, they have a flaw. Not a fatal flaw, but something that's bothered us for the 89 years this candy has been on the market. We've all experienced it and know the pain that comes from trying to enjoy the sweet peanut-buttery bliss that we get from Reese's.