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This Person Messing With An ITunes Card Scammer Will Make Your Day

This Person Messing With An ITunes Card Scammer Will Make Your Day
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Updated 3 days ago

Sometimes I almost feel bad for scammers, because it seems like everyone is always trolling them. Hot girls on Facebook looking for money or people posing as the IRS get jerked around a lot by the smartasses they come across. 

But the scams must work sometimes or they wouldn't keep trying, so for the people getting suckered by these liars: let the revenge trolling continue!

One thing I do admire about scammers is that they are persistent. You can say all sorts of weird stuff to them and they'll kind of just go along with it, because their mind is set on one goal. Scamming. 

Twitter user @adultblackmale, or CJ, shared his version of fun, screenshotting a conversation with someone who may be the stupidest scammer on the Internet. CJ got very, very creative.

You can tell a scammer you own a private prison for dogs, and that's just a piece of info they need to absorb to get their iTunes gift card code:

Scammers always have the most ridiculous background stories for themselves, so maybe most of them are out of touch with the reality of what most people actually do in a day. When you tell too many lies, the truth tends to get a bit blurry.

CJ sent a photo per the scammer's request, and that's when things got really heavy:

Scammer logic is, "Tell him he's cute and he'll want to pay for you to call him."

This must be occasionally true, because this scammer seemed confident that CJ would pony up:

On the one hand, there was a card. Whether it was used, had money on it or not is unclear, but CJ spent a considerable amount of time sending pictures of the card code to the scammer. They were all just completely illegible.

There was too dark:

Too blurry:

The blurriness incited the scammer so much, she proposed marriage.

Then the card got stuck on the ceiling. Whaaaaa? How did that happen?! Ohh, the cat. Of course.

For some reason, the idea of a cat eating an iTunes gift card and then barfing it onto the ceiling was still something the scammer was willing to go along with, but then things started to go south:

CJ was close to losing the scammer's time and attention, but they both soldiered on. Microwaving a gift card to dry it off seems reasonable to everyone, right?

But it has a bad effect on the card:

After the card shrunk down like a raisin, the scammer finally gave up. And she gave CJ a serious lecture on the way out.

She's not mad, she's disappointed. Enough of the lies!

CJ's followers loved the story and looked up the account to see what else this person has been up to. She's been busy:

Love is so elusive. And expensive.

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