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Twitter Is Full Of Trump Voters Who Regret Their Decision And It's Bittersweet



Donald Trump has made some pretty divisive decisions in his first week as president, whether it's not allowing scientists to share their findings with the public, or the bizarre first press briefing from his Press Secretary who yelled at the media for reporting on facts.  

And some people who voted for Donald Trump seem to be having regrets. Trump_Regrets is a Twitter account that retweets people who are having voter's remorse. There's a lot of them... 

It's a little late for that... 

Others realized that Donald Trump hasn't actually said anything when it comes to Obamacare replacement other than it'll be "great."  

 This voter wasn't happy that Trump is still convinced he won the popular vote.  

 Others were angry about the federal hiring freeze imposed by Trump. 

 This is so bittersweet. But they probably should have realized that a guy who's willing to disregard the opinion of 99.99% of scientists isn't to be trusted.  

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