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Source: Red Granite Pictures

12 Average Folks Who Turned Random Ideas Into Six-Figure Success Stories


It's everyone's dream to monetize their weird hobbies, but only a few have been successful doing that. For those who have, they managed to turn dream jobs, like food blogging or traveling for a living, into full-time careers. Here's how 12 entrepreneurs got rich off their strangest ideas.

1. A man earns six-figures playing "Fortnite" full time.

Source: Fornight

Benjamin Lupo, a 30-something dad from Nebraska, quit his job as a systems engineer to play video games full time. He now makes ten times what he used to earn at his old job, and all he does is play Fortnite all day. Under the screenname DrLupo, he streams his game-playing to thousands of subscribers on the streaming platform Twitch. The website pays him $5 for each subscriber, plus he gets additional income via donations from fans who want to support his channel. Although it's not easy work, and he works 10 to 12 hours a day, he still hardly regards it as "work."

“I’m at a point now where things are comfortable," he told Omaha World Herald. "I can kinda just ride it out, have fun, make jokes. It’s been a blast."