"This Is the Worst Cake I've Ever Seen in My Life” — Customer Shows off $200 Fairy Cake Fail

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 15 2023, Published 4:02 p.m. ET

I'll be the first to admit that, in retrospect, my birthday cakes growing up might have been more trouble than might have realized. I never really asked for anything elaborate, but when Baskin Robbins offered to put personal pictures on their ice cream cakes, I would beg my mom to put in a picture of whatever anime I was obsessed with at the time. Apparently, all the different colors and designs of the images I chose were difficult to work with when it came to printing them onto the cake.

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To my mom's credit, she always came through on the cake designs no matter what I asked for, but looking back on it, it was probably expensive. She never spared any expense in making my birthday special anyway, but luckily, the cakes always came out great.

I couldn't imagine spending money on a cake and having it not turn out well, but this one grandmother on TikTok sure can. After all, she spent over $200 on a fairy cake design for her granddaughter, and it was nothing short of an epic fail.

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This fairy cake ended up being a $200 disaster.

Khrissy Joe on TikTok (@khrissyjoe1) decided to go all out to celebrate her granddaughter's first birthday. In early November 2023, she posted a TikTok to show off the elaborate cake she'd gotten to celebrate the occasion. The cake reportedly cost her over $200.

Unfortunately, she was less than impressed with how the cake came out. She'd originally commissioned a baker to construct a woodland fairy house-themed cake complete with flowers made of edible fondant. What she got was... not that.

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Instead of a triple-layer cake decorated intricately to look like a little fairy house, she got three cake layers covered by solid icing (with cracks already forming) that barely even tried to look like a house. And instead of fondant flowers, the cake was decorated with plastic flowers that weren't even edible. As if that weren't bad enough, Khrissy even found hair on the cake.

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According to Khrissy, the baker admitted that designing the cake was harder than she expected it to be by the time she started making it. If nothing else, the baker's final product would make even the most dedicated Nailed It contestants shake in their boots.

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Personally, I'm of two minds over this cake. For starters, this cake was meant for a one-year-old baby. I highly doubt the child is going to fully appreciate an artful and elaborate cake for anything other than the fact that they get to eat cake at all. Even if she loves her granddaughter to bits, Khrissy absolutely did not need to splurge on a cake for a child who's barely old enough to form full sentences.

At the same time, that looks like a difficult cake for anyone to bake. A design like that would require more resources and tools than the baker probably had or that Khrissy herself could afford. She should absolutely get her money's worth, but she should also understand that a cake like that is worth a lot.

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Nevertheless, folks in the comments section were eager to rip this cake apart. One person said, "It looks like Play Doh."

Another wrote, "This is classic client expectations vs. client budget."

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Another TikToker believed that the baker should take some responsibility, writing, "Regardless of the worth of the cake, the baker should have been honest before accepting any money."

Artists should always get paid fairly for their work, whether they're baking a cake or writing a TV show. But it's almost as important for both artist and client to understand the level of expertise and effort needed to create something before, you know... attempting to create it?”

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