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14 2019 Problems That Weren't a Thing 30 Years Ago


Many beloved '80s and '90s movies are driven by problems that would never crop up in modern life. Take for example Home Alone. In 2019, Kevin's mom could call on her cellphone the moment she realized he was missing. But let's be honest: with modern airport security being what it is, there's no way the McAllisters would have caught that flight to Paris. And, if you extrapolate even further, a power outage would never have caused an entire household to sleep in, since everyone would have had alarms set on their mobile devices.

But, just as many '80s problems are solved by 2010s tech, there are plenty of problems these days that never would have caused us grief 30 years ago. (h/t reddit)

1. Air travel problems.

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Flying used to be way more fun, but in a post 9 / 11 world, things have gotten far less glamorous. Now we have to stand in line forever waiting to shove our bags through a scanner, then shove our shoeless bodies into a separate scanner, and make our way to the gate. And while 30 years ago it was no big deal to ask to show your kid the airplane cockpit, if you even try to approach a pilot these days you can expect to have an air marshal on your back before you finish the word, "Captain."