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Source: Reddit

20 Soothing Photos of Perfectly Organized Spaces


We could all use a little zen in our lives these days, am I right? Nothing in the world has the power to calm you down and bring ultimate peace like a perfectly organized room, shelf, or drawer. I recently organized the pantry in my kitchen, and I've been riding that high ever since. I'm talking new canisters for flour, sugar, and other baking materials. I'm talking a full emptying and reorganization of my spice cabinet. I even bought little canisters for and labeled the baking soda and baking powder. I know, I'm pretty much an organizing powerhouse. Marie Kondo would be so proud. 

In fact, she would probably be proud of every person below. If you are looking for organizing ideas or just can't get enough of perfectly organized spaces, these pictures from the subreddit OrganizationPorn are 100 percent for you. 

1. Color-coded shelving

Source: Reddit

This is next level. My books are organized by color, and I happen to really like that, but this bookshelf also has trinkets and picture frames and other accessories that fit the color scheme to give the whole unit an insanely dynamic look. I want to shake the hand of the person who did this... and hire them to organize my whole house.