20 Soothing Photos of Perfectly Organized Spaces

These super organized spaces will make you feel calm and peaceful and like everything's going to be OK.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

May 20 2019, Updated 3:48 p.m. ET

We could all use a little zen in our lives these days, am I right? Nothing in the world has the power to calm you down and bring ultimate peace like a perfectly organized room, shelf, or drawer. I recently organized the pantry in my kitchen, and I've been riding that high ever since. I'm talking new canisters for flour, sugar, and other baking materials. I'm talking a full emptying and reorganization of my spice cabinet. I even bought little canisters for and labeled the baking soda and baking powder. I know, I'm pretty much an organizing powerhouse. Marie Kondo would be so proud. 

In fact, she would probably be proud of every person below. If you are looking for organizing ideas or just can't get enough of perfectly organized spaces, these pictures from the subreddit OrganizationPorn are 100 percent for you. 

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1. Color-coded shelving

This is next level. My books are organized by color, and I happen to really like that, but this bookshelf also has trinkets and picture frames and other accessories that fit the color scheme to give the whole unit an insanely dynamic look. I want to shake the hand of the person who did this... and hire them to organize my whole house.

2. Professional pantry

This is a literal dream for anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen. This is either the pantry of a professional chef or the world's most organized spice enthusiast. Either way, I'd like to eat what they're cooking. 

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3. Sock drawer upgrade

Marie Kondo would be so proud of this sock drawer setup. Because not only are those socks folded beautifully, but they are also colorful and patterned, so you know those little feet protectors spark joy!

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4. Kitchen cabinet goals

It's amazing to me when people's cabinets aren't filled to the brim with crap. Like, this is amazing and gorgeous and beautiful, but where is your bag of tortilla chips that's just the crumbs now but you don't want to throw it out because you might be in the mood for some tortilla chip crumbs soon?

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5. String theory

As a kid, I also had a plastic bag filled with tangled string. Every time I wanted to make a friendship bracelet, I'd look at the bag and go, "Eh, this friendship isn't worth it." If I had organized my string like this, though, I would have made more friendship bracelets... and I probably would have had more friends.

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6. Rolled ties

Don't mind me. I'm just completely mesmerized by these neck ties, rolled into perfect spirals that are making me kind of dizzy and sleepy but in the best way possible. 

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7. Tea time

I am fuming. Do you understand how hard it is to organize a drawer that perfectly, where everything lines up from end to end like that, so there is literally no empty space, not even a dangling quarter of an inch on the end? How? HOW?! This is not fair. It's so perfect I'm mad.

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8. Brand new silverware

Ugh, this is giving me the chills it's so good. This is very clearly a brand new set of silverware, though, so how long do you think it's actually going to look like this? I think the first run through the dishwasher is going to mess everything up. At least we'll always have this photo.

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9. Kondo'd closet

Um, first of all, this huge walk-in closet is a literal dream and someday, I want to have one just like it. Second of all, kudos to the owner of this closet. Is that a lint brush I see hanging from the wall? And a pair of scissors for removing tags or errant threads? This is next-level closet organization. 

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10. Rainbow yarn

That's a lot of yarn. And it's organized into a perfect color gradient, so like... is this person single? Do they want to get married? And knit me a giant rainbow blanket? And organize our house while I sit there under my giant rainbow blanket?

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11. Office supply heaven

Any office manager or administrative assistant who keeps office supplies organized like this deserves a raise. In fact, they probably all deserve a raise because they're doing all the thankless work no one else wants to do, so if they keep everything this organized in addition to all that, definitely give them more money.

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12. Perfect pantry

I am a total sucker for labels, and this person's handwriting is like, scary good. Being able to grab the container that says "walnuts" is so much better than being like, "Hm, where is that crinkled bag of walnuts I had? I think it was blue...or maybe white. Nope, these are beans."

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13. Paper clips

These are perfectly lined-up paper clips. That's right. You know, those little things that are always such a tangled mess? They're always just a little pile of metal from which it is generally impossible to quickly grab just one paper clip. But things are different now. Paper clips are organized. And everyone is happy.

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14. Bins on bins

Nothing creates the illusion of cleanliness like a bunch of plastic bins. It's the same stuff in the before and after pictures! Only now that stuff has been collected into bins. Bins are the unsung heroes of the organizing world. Truly underrated. 

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15. PVC pencil holders

This is brilliant! They cut a PVC pipe into equal sizes, glued them onto a board, and used them to house their perfectly organized colored pencils. This is really making me want to buy a bunch of colored pencils, just so I can do this.

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16. Perfect produce

I would be afraid to shop in this grocery store because I wouldn't want to mess up this amazing produce display. It's actually making me want to eat vegetables. Do you know how hard it is to get me to want to do that? 

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17. Before and after

Before and after shots of organized closets seriously give me life. I could look at them all day. Seems like this person went ham in the closet organizing section of IKEA. Those boxes and shoe hangers seriously transformed the space.

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18. Spice drawer

It's honestly so annoying when you have spices in all different-sized containers. This is the perfect solution. The only thing I would add are labels on top so you know which spice is which just by looking at it and so I could make a lot of labels. Labels are just really fun to make.

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19. Junk shelf

 We all have a "junk shelf" or "junk drawer" filled with those miscellaneous items that just don't fit anywhere else. But just because it's filled with random stuff doesn't mean it has to be disorganized!

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20. Apps by color

At first, I was like, "Psh, who organizes their apps by color? Obviously, you organize them by theme!" but then I realized that I generally know the colors of the icons of my most-used apps, and it's actually a really streamlined way to do it. The colored emoji labels are an extra nice touch, too.

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