These People Became the Proud New Owners of 41 Amazon Boxes That They Didn't Order

These people became responsible for 41 different Amazon boxes that they didn't order. They shared their massive unboxing process on TikTok.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 7 2023, Published 2:15 p.m. ET

Whether you began leaning on it during the initial COVID-19 quarantine or you've always been immersed in this not-so-financially-advisable form of self-care, most of us on the internet are guilty of a little retail therapy. There's quite a bit of excitement and thrill to be had with ordering a package for yourself and waiting for it to arrive on your doorstep. For many of us, "Out for Delivery" can feel just as socially therapeutic as a mental health day or some lavender-scented oils.

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Of course, there is always such a thing as too much retail therapy, especially when it comes to ordering packages from Amazon. The people behind abbeyshock on TikTok (@abbeyshock) just got a taste of that over the summer when they became responsible for 41 Amazon boxes that came to their home. As if that wasn't absurd enough, the people who live there didn't even order these packages. @abbeyshock shares the details on TikTok, including most importantly, what was in the packages.

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People were made to open up 41 Amazon boxes that they didn't order.

In June 2023, the people behind @abbeyshock received the gift that kept on giving, whether they liked it or not. Over the course of three days, they received over 41 packages addressed to a person who they did not know.

"Liz Li, please stop," the caption in the initial TikTok reads, presumably referring to the person who ordered all these packages.

According to OP, they had received 10 on the first day and were able to return some of them to the mailman. However, more kept coming on the second day. That was when OP started to contact Amazon to see what they could do about the packages.

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On the third day (this is starting to sound a lot like "Twelve Days of Christmas," isn't it?), the rest of the orders came in, totaling 41 packages addressed to a stranger that the people behind @abbeyshock now had to manage. Reportedly, OP was hung up on twice while trying to report the incident to Amazon.

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In a follow-up, OP revealed that Amazon eventually allowed them to keep the boxes. In a text exchange with Amazon Customer Service, a representative told them: "Don't worry. You [do not] need to return the items. Please keep or donate or dispose [of them]. And I assure you that it [will] never happen again."

And because we live in an era where opening packages is content in and of itself, OP strapped in for what has to be one of the biggest unboxing videos ever.

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The contents of each of the boxes were mostly and surprisingly consistent. Many of the packages contained clothing like sweaters, dresses, blouses, etc. Then there were some claw clips, glasses, and even cuticle cutters. Not to mention so many purses and headbands. Like, an absurd amount of purses and headbands.

"All of the women in my life are getting purses for Christmas," OP teased.

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Then, of course, there were some weird items among the rest of them. One of the packages contained several crystal roses. There was also a set of strange balls that OP guessed were for holding make-up, though they weren't actually sure.

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Most people in the comments section were flabbergasted by the delivery and subsequent unboxing. Some folks shared their own experiences where they received full-sized mattresses or baby clothes from Amazon without ordering them and they were allowed to do whatever they wanted with them. Many jokingly wondered whether or not OP had enough headbands after the unboxing.

One thing's for sure. After receiving a ludicrous amount of clothing and miscellanea from Amazon unprompted, @abbeyshock's holiday shopping is pretty much done, especially for any weird relatives who love collecting headbands.

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