"No More on East Ave" — Man Confronts a Package Thief That Was at Large Throughout His Neighborhood

A man confronts an active package thief who had been stealing deliveries around the neighborhood. Here's how the situation was defused.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 26 2023, Updated 4:39 p.m. ET

Ever since online shopping first came about, most of us have become obsessed with delivery-based retail therapy. There are few things as intoxicating and gratifying as knowing that a package will arrive at your doorstep so that you can tear it open and be greeted with the warm and inviting glow of a new thing in your home. It may not pay off as actual therapy, but that anticipation can be a wonderful thing.

Of course for some, that may also come with the fear of losing those packages somehow.

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Some folks contend with the somewhat-irrational fear of losing packages to either the whims of the US mailing system or even to a thief who happens to be roaming the streets on the lookout for parcels to swipe.

Unfortunately, that irrational fear was a stark reality for one neighborhood. A stretch of suburbia was consistently plagued by the presence of a package thief. One man decided to confront him directly. Here's how the exchange went down and what happened to the thief.

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A man confronts a package thief who was stealing parcels throughout the neighborhood.

Alexa (@alexagilomen) shared the incident on TikTok in which her boyfriend directly confronts a package thief who had been running amok in their neighborhood. In the caption of her video, she claims that the thief in question would follow around an Amazon delivery truck in the area and "immediately" steal every package that was dropped off.

Alexa's TikTok even has doorcam footage of the thief wearing a mask and openly stealing a package right from their front door. The thief even tried to get away on a bike and fumbled on his way out of their driveway.

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After getting evidence, Alexa's boyfriend "[took] matters into his own hands." The boyfriend was later seen returning with the stolen Amazon goods, having tracked down the package thief and gotten them back.

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The video even has footage of the boyfriend's POV, in which he can be seen directly confronting the package thief for his crimes. The boyfriend didn't call the cops immediately (smart move, on his part), but he warned that he would have him sent to jail if he was ever caught stealing packages again.

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"No more on East Ave," the boyfriend warned.

"It won't happen no more," the thief proclaimed. "Thank you for warning me instead of being ugly about it. I can respect that."

Folks in the comments praised the boyfriend for how he handled the whole situation, having given the thief a stern talking-to and letting him off with a warning. Most were relieved that the situation was defused peacefully.

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"On God, this is such a wholesome ending," one person commented. "Look how he used his words!"

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"He said you can take it from anywhere else but not my block," another person joked.

As an aside, many people initially mistook the thief (who appears in the beginning of the video) for the thief and were practically dumbfounded upon realizing when the boyfriend actually comes in.

"Why'd I think your boyfriend was just collecting people's packages to keep them safe at first?" one person asked, having realized the mix-up upon watching the rest of the video.

Hopefully, the package thief will have learned his lesson and will stop stealing parcels from people's doorsteps from here on out.

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