Camera Catches Hello Fresh Driver Stealing Amazon Package Right After It's Delivered

Ring camera footage caught a Hello Fresh driver stealing an Amazon package. See the viral video that has folks nothing short of disgusted.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 15 2023, Published 5:21 p.m. ET

It may be time to bring back public shame.

Most folks trust that items we order will be delivered and dropped off at our homes without incident. After all, stealing packages in an age where home cameras are standard sounds like risky business.

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However, thanks to social media, we continue to learn that folks don’t mind breaking the law and personal morals to serve their interests.

In a now-viral TikTok video, a Hello Fresh driver is seen stealing an Amazon package from a home, live in 4K. Let’s dive into the shenanigans.

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A woman caught a Hello Fresh driver stealing her Amazon package, thanks to her Ring camera footage.

You really can’t trust anyone these days.

In May 2023, a woman who goes by @dawnminatrix on TikTok shared a video that featured footage from her Ring camera. At the bottom of her video, the text reads, “When your Amazon delivery is stolen by your Hello Fresh delivery.”

As the clip starts, you can see the Amazon driver drop off a package in the walkway of Dawn's home. Dawn also shows the receipt of delivery in the next frame of the video.

The text at the top of this part of the video reads: "Amazon delivery … 9:04 a.m. May 21, 2023.”

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The footage then switches to later at the day, with the text at the top reading: "Hello Fresh Delivery 10:44 a.m. 5/21/2023."

At this point in the video, you can see someone backing into the driveway of Dawn’s home. A man and a woman get out of the car. The man goes to the trunk to retrieve the Hello Fresh package. The female also heads to the trunk to seemingly assist.

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In the next frame, the woman is looking at the Amazon package on the walkway and then decides to pick it up. The man is then seen walking up to the woman and then they walk back to the car.

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The frame then switches to a view of the man dropping the Hello Fresh package on the front porch before walking away. The video ends with a screenshot of the Hello Fresh receipt of delivery.

TikTok users want this woman to take the appropriate action by getting the Hello Fresh drivers fired.

It’s one thing to steal a person’s package; it’s another to commit the crime with cameras in full view. TikTok users flocked to the comments section to share their outrage, and everyone is pretty much on the same page.

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“You have the perfect shot of their license plate. Hopefully, they get fired from Hello Fresh,” one person shared.

Other folks inquired about why the Amazon driver didn’t deliver the package closer to Dawn’s front door. Additionally, an Amazon worker commented and said that “we’re supposed to wear Amazon vests and deliver all the way to the door.”

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Naturally, many folks inquired about what steps Dawn took after being robbed of her package. Dawn later commented with an update.

“Hello Fresh refunded this delivery. I did not ask them to do this and would not ask for that either,” Dawn replied to a comment asking about the resolution.

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A spokesperson for Hello Fresh told Distractify, "We feel that this behavior is unacceptable. In addition to compensating the customer, we can confirm that the driver has been removed from our delivery network."

Unfortunately, we live in a time when you have to be careful with deliveries. It also pays to have home cameras so you can catch thieves to further prove your case.

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