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Source: Netflix

Aaron Hernandez's Cousin Went to Jail So She Didn't Have to Testify Against Him


Netflix released a chilling three-part documentary about convicted murderer and former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez on Jan. 14 that analyzed his life and crimes, as well as how repeated NFL injuries and childhood trauma may have impacted his brain. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez  is the first in-depth coverage the public has gotten since Hernandez's 2017 suicide, and it adds multiple layers to the story.

Three years after beginning his promising NFL career with the New England Patriots, Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd. He and two other men were tried for the crime, and all three were convicted in Massachusetts courts. While the case seemed to be open-and-shut with the abundance of evidence (including footage from Hernandez's home security system and DNA evidence), there were more people involved in the crime.