Creative Layout Ideas for Your New Crops in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

With the addition of new crops in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons,' you can now have a full-fledged farm. Here are some layout ideas for you.

Sara Belcher - Author

Nov. 5 2021, Published 4:11 p.m. ET

Since the developers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons first introduced new plants like pumpkins and bushes, players have been dying for the option to grow crops. Animal Crossing games have traditionally been set apart from other life simulators by the fact that farming isn't a central part of the game. However, the option to grow crops has been added in the 2.0 update.

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There are now four crops you can grow: pumpkins, wheat, tomatoes, and carrots. These items, in combination with things like the fruits and fish you can catch, can all be used to create dishes as part of the new cooking update to the game.

But before you can cook all of the fun new recipes, you'll need to create a layout for your farm. Here are some ideas for how to design your crop area to get you started.

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Start a "community garden" for your villagers.

While we all know that the animals on your island won't actually contribute to your crop growing (besides the occasional watering session), one idea for your island is to create a community garden. Instead of hoarding all of the crops near your home, you can set them up in a central part of your island.

Replace your old farm layout with the new crops.

Farming is something Animal Crossing players have been asking for since the game came out, and when pumpkins were released, many began crafting makeshift gardens on their island.

Players have used everything from potted plants to mum cushions to make it appear as though they have a full-fledged farm. Now, you can replace those items with actual crops you can grow!

This idea is one of the simpler ones if you're not looking to make major changes to your island's current design.

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Separate your farm area by crop type.

One of the most common designs we've seen so far separates the crops by type, as you would on a traditional farm. If you haven't already separated your pumpkin crops by color, it might be time to. Create little plots for each crop and label them with one of the wooden signs to differentiate your crops, and be sure to water them every day so you'll have a bountiful harvest.

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Use umbrellas, simple panels, and more to get creative with your layout.

With unique custom designs, you can really make just about anything for your farm. Some players have used simple panels to give themselves faux chicken coops or barns with animals. Even creating barn doors to put in front of a stall can create the illusion of having an entirely new building on your island.

Some players have used umbrellas which, when placed at a certain angle with the right custom design, can look like a crate.

There are also a variety of farm-inspired items, like the silo, wheelbarrow, scarecrow, and more which, when placed around your crops, will give the area a rustic feel.

You can also place hay beds around your crops, both for your imaginary farm animals and for you to take a nap on.

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