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13 Adopted Adults Open Up About Finding Their Birth Parents


Though not all people who were adopted choose to seek out their birth parents when they're old enough, it's common for those who know they were adopted to be curious about their biological origins to some extent. But what happens if and when they go down the rabbit hole to learn about the parents who put them up for adoption? 

Well, their experiences vary about as much as the people living those experiences — some have joyous meetings with their biological parents, others experience bittersweet or disappointing results, and in some cases people ultimately decide not to pursue it. Here are 13 stories about adopted people searching for answers — or deciding to stay in the dark.

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Things went almost picture perfect for ajmacbeth, who didn't seek their parents until they were nearly 50 years old. However, their father's passing made them realize they wouldn't have a choice either way if they waited much longer. Thankfully, they didn't even have to worry that digging into their origins would upset their mom. 

"Had my mom even hinted that it would bother her, I would have ceased immediately, but she was very excited about the prospect," they said. Eventually, after exchanging a few emails, they all met —ajmacbeth and both their mom and birth mom. "It was a very good meeting and I've been visiting her once a year since."