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Everybody's Talking About the New AirPods Pro — and All the Other Things They Resemble


A new version of Apple's popular AirPods wireless headphones is coming, and they're a major upgrade. The new generation, which comes out Wednesday, October 30, has active noise cancellation, which is fantastic news for frequent flyers and subway commuters. The newest Apple earbuds also have a very different shape from previous versions to accommodate their "customizable fit" in-ear design with three sizes of silicon tips. 

And this new shape has the internet drawing some hilarious comparisons to the characters and objects they resemble. Here are a few of AirPods Pro comparisons that have us chuckling. 


Source: Twitter

Many Pokémon fans leapt onto the resemblance to this plant-based Pokémon. In fact, this was probably the most common comparison drawn, leading to some pretty amusing Photoshops...