Everybody's Talking About the New AirPods Pro — and All the Other Things They Resemble



A new version of Apple's popular AirPods wireless headphones is coming, and they're a major upgrade. The new generation, which comes out Wednesday, October 30, has active noise cancellation, which is fantastic news for frequent flyers and subway commuters. The newest Apple earbuds also have a very different shape from previous versions to accommodate their "customizable fit" in-ear design with three sizes of silicon tips. 

And this new shape has the internet drawing some hilarious comparisons to the characters and objects they resemble. Here are a few of AirPods Pro comparisons that have us chuckling. 


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Many Pokémon fans leapt onto the resemblance to this plant-based Pokémon. In fact, this was probably the most common comparison drawn, leading to some pretty amusing Photoshops...

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Just change the colors a bit to the all-white design and add some little eyes and leaves on the sides and the transformation is complete! However, this may be as much as you want to see the AirPods evolve...

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PCMag is right — we don't necessarily want to see the Weepinbell or Victreebel versions of these — especially not the latter. Those teeth look like they would not make them a great deal more uncomfortable than other models.


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After Bellsprout, the peashooter plants from Plants vs. Zombies was another lookalike several people leapt on immediately, and it's definitely one of the first comparisons that occurred to us when the new design was unveiled.

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This hilarious Twitter user took it a step further and projected into the future to what other versions might look like if they design for AirPods were to go in the same direction as the multiple cameras in the latest versions of the iPhone,.

A good old-fashioned hair dryer

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It's crazy how much this particular model of hair dryer resembles the AirPods Pro, really the biggest feature that gives it away is the cord.


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Charlie Brown's best friend also bears a striking resemblance to the new earbuds. the rear microphone even resembles little ears while the speaker looks like a nose.


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OK, they definitely are too smooth to be confused for the sea creatures, but the shape of these buds is definitely a cute, cartoon version of a seahorse. 


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OK, this is a classic gaming deep cut, but I definitely see a resemblance in Birdo, one of the enemies in Super Mario Bros 2, AKA Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic.  She would spit eggs out her nose at Mario and his friends, and she has turned up in a few other Mario Bros games, like Mario Party, Mario Tennis, and Super Smash Bros.


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Birdo isn't the only Mario comparison going around on Twitter, though. A lot of people pointed out the similar shape on the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device, or F.L.U.D.D. Mario uses this water tank backpack device in several games, most notably Super Mario Sunshine.


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Other old-school gamers saw a different video game character altogether — arcade classic Q*Bert. Even if you've never played this 2D game, you've probably seen Q*Bert in the Wreck-It Ralph franchise.


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And now it's time to get into kids' television programming! Pingu is a Swiss cartoon penguin that says "Noot noot!". He comes from the 1990s, and got rebooted by Japanese animators in the 2000s.

Teletubbies voice trumpets

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I had forgotten about Teletubbies for a while — specifically, I'd forgotten how deeply weird this show was. These speakers that look a little like shower heads and a lot like earbuds would pop up out of the ground and tell the Teletubbies to say goodbye. 

The Snowths

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This is a totally old school reference, but we too cannot unsee it. The Snowths are best known for singing the "Doo doo do doo doo" part on the Muppet Show's theme song, "Mah Na Mah Na." 

Buzz Lightyear laser gun

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This old school Buzz Lightyear "Star Command Blaster" laser gun is a dead ringer for the new headphones. Here's hoping these new AirPods take everyone's music listening to infinity and beyond.

This, um, personal massager

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Some dirty minded folks saw a far less G-rated similarity between the new earbuds and this sex toy, though I have to admitthe resemblance is pretty strong.

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