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Source: Twitter

Wireless Headphone Owners Can Relate to This Woman's Heroic Rescue of Her AirPod


I don't own AirPods for several reasons. First, I still have one of those old iPhones where I can plug in headphones. And second, I just know that I would lose those little suckers almost immediately. Twitter user Ashley Mayer recently lost one of her AirPods in the worst place: the subway tracks. That thing just fell right out of her ear. 

So what did she do? Did she give up and hold a funeral for her forever-lost AirPod? No. Of course not. Instead, she staged a daring rescue. 

Source: Twitter

At first, it seemed hopeless. I mean, that thing just jumped right out of her ear like it was on a suicide mission. It bounced and landed practically in the middle of the subways tracks. If you live in New York, you know that if something falls on the subway tracks, it's gone forever.