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Source: Netflix

The Freakiest Thing to Appear on 'End of the F***ing World'? — It's James' Hand


Season 2 of End of the F***ing World came out on Nov. 5, treating viewers and fans to eight episodes' worth of morbid humor, a wealth of unexpected plot twists, and of course, plentiful of footage zooming in on Alyssa's trademark, neither-happy, nor-sad, slightly snarky pouting.

A bridal dress appears out of nowhere, someone's relative dies, and a new witch-hunt is launched. However, fans found themselves intrigued by something else. Many are asking: What happened to Alex Lawther's hand? 

What's wrong with Alex Lawther's hand? 

As the first episode of End of the F***ing World reveals, James (Alex Lawther) had an introduction to feelings of emptiness at a devastatingly early age. 

Raised by a non-responsive, aloof mother and a quirky, puppy-eyed father, his formative memories include sitting on a river-side swing, receiving a beautifully carved, collectible hunting knife for his birthday and watching his mum drive into the water and never appear again.