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Source: wwe

Seth Rollins Was on the Receiving End of the Most OMG Moment in Recent WWE History


This past Monday Night RAW ended on a very violent note, and it happened on the heels of Seth Rollins' disqualification win against longtime heel, Dolph Ziggler.

As for who was behind the disqualification? Well it was the "Beast Incarnate" himself, Brock Lesnar. But his shocking appearance during RAW just didn't stop during Seth's match. The new WWE Universal Champion had a lot more in store for Seth.

Brock Lesnar has the kind of agreement with the WWE where he pretty much comes and goes as he pleases. It's gotten to a point, storyline wise, that you know he's going to be around for a while if he wins the championship belt. If he manages to get bested at a PPV, expect him to enjoy a long hiatus somewhere. Probably in a Canadian cabin, hunting Elk, and teaching his kids how to be Jeremiah Johnson.