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Source: iStock

Alexa Will Mimic Celebrity Voices, so Asking for a Weather Update Just Got Way More Fun


Today, during Amazon's fall 2019 hardware event, the company announced that Alexa will be gaining a fun, new superpower. She'll be able to mimic celebrities, and the first one who'll be able to tell you the weather outside or how long it'll take to drive to your parent's house will be...*drumroll please*...Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel's voice is iconic, so it makes sense that Amazon chose the actor as the first celebrity voice Alexa will be able to try on. But that's only the start. 

When will Alexa be able to mimic celebrity voices?

According to Engadget, owners of the Amazon Echo will be able to use this new feature later this year (a specific time wasn't specified), and the fun doesn't just stop at Samuel L. Jackson. More celebrity voices will be available in 2020