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Source: istock/Twitter

This Alexa Intruder Alert Is About to Get Burglars to Quit Their Jobs


It wasn't terribly long ago when Google Home and Alexa Amazon devices were first introduced as the newest additions to our families. These small gadgets are always listening, so they can play your favorite song, tell you the weather, or answer any other questions that may be plaguing your millennial mind.

But the flipside to Alexa always listening is that she'll be the first to tell you if she doesn't like what she hears. Enter "Intruder Mode," the perfect way to ward off unsuspecting strangers. This feature can turn on lights, music or the TV so that anyone who was going to break in gets scared away. 

And because these alerts are customizable — and users can program how they want the lighting to change, or what soundtrack they want to play. The internet has discovered some fun ways to play with this Alexa safety feature.