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Source: Getty Images

Ron Perlman Files for Divorce From Wife of 38 Years After Kissing 'StartUp' Co-Star


After 38 years of marriage, actor Ron Perlman has filed for divorce from his wife Opal Stone Perlman. The shocking news comes shortly after Ron was reportedly seen kissing his StartUp castmate, Allison Dunbar. Naturally, people are wondering: Just who is Allison Dunbar? Here’s what we know about Allison Dunbar’s age and Ron Perlman’s marriage (and impending divorce).

What is Allison Dunbar’s age?

Despite living in the age of the internet, Allison Dunbar’s age has proven rather difficult to pin down. Several outlets have reported that she was born in 1977, and according to an old Instagram post, she appears to be a Leo, so our best guess is that Allison Dunbar is 42 years old. (For reference, Ron Perlman is 69 years old.)