Alondra Delgado: Expect to Be "Surprised" By Asher and Vanessa on 'All American' (EXCLUSIVE)

Alondra Delgado joined The CW's 'All American' in Season 3. Her character, Vanessa, is stirring it up, and she spoke to Distractify about what to expect.

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Mar. 23 2021, Updated 10:12 a.m. ET

Alondra Delgado from 'All American'
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There's never been a shortage of sports, relationships, or family drama on All American since it debuted in 2018, but Season 3 has brought things to a whole new level. 

The show centers around an elite football team at Beverly Hills High and its star recruit from South L.A., Spencer James (Daniel Ezra). As Spencer proves himself on the field, he grows close with his teammates and his classmates off the field. 

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In Season 3, the football squad gets a new head coach, Coach Montes (Alexandra Barreto). After she accepts the position, Coach Montes enrolls her daughter, Vanessa Montes (Alondra Delgado), at Beverly Hills High.

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Viewers soon learn that Vanessa has a connection to Spencer's teammate, Asher Adams (Cody Christian), which could potentially ruin his relationship with Olivia (Samantha Logan) for good. 

Alondra spoke exclusively with Distractify about her experience joining the show, what really went down between her character and Asher in Mexico, and about the importance of showing a female football coach on primetime television.

Alondra Delgado on being a new cast member for 'All American' Season 3.

While getting cast on a beloved drama for a top network is a dream come true for many actors, it can be daunting to join a series mid-run. Most of the All American cast had been sharing the screen (and the set) for two seasons before Alondra joined the show, but she said that her co-stars were nothing but "very friendly and welcoming." 

Though they made it easier on her to join the ensemble, she did use her new girl status on the set to get into her character's own mindset. 

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"Something that helped me to portray Vanessa was the fact that I was new to the show and I was getting to know the other actors," the actress told us. "It was using a little bit of that to play Vanessa as someone who was new to the school and who was just trying to make friends and to get along with everyone. That's what I was trying to do as well."

Vanessa may have the prestige of being the coach's daughter, but she also has to deal with Olivia and her bestie Layla (Greta Onieogou) being cold toward her because of the Asher drama.

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But don't expect to see Vanessa feel sorry for herself. Alondra said that her character is "very outgoing and confident."

That's because her mom, Coach Montes, is a trailblazer. 

"Vanessa gets her confidence from her mom," the actress said, before discussing the impact of showing a female football coach on a primetime drama. "We're portraying that as women, and as Hispanic minorities, we can do anything. I feel honored that we get to put that on the show."

The actress said viewers "will be surprised" at what really happened between Vanessa and Asher in Mexico.

Vanessa's transfer to Beverly Hills High was multi-layered: She has the swag of being the new football coach's daughter, but she also has a history with Asher.

The summer before senior year, when Asher was with his mom in Mexico, he got cozy with Vanessa on the beach. What Asher didn't realize was that Olivia, his maybe-girlfriend, saw them together while attempting to surprise him. 

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Though Vanessa and Asher appeared to be more than just friends, viewers (and the other characters) don't yet know exactly what went on between the two. 

Alondra dished that fans will find out whether their interaction was platonic or something more as Season 3 progresses.

"We do get to find out what happened in Mexico, and some people will be surprised because it's not what they expected," she told us. 

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Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) and Asher Adams (Cody Christian) on 'All American.'

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The actress admitted that her character has been upsetting some All American fans who want Asher and Olivia to be happy. While she understands their frustrations, she doesn't think Vanessa should accept all the blame.

"Overall, yes, she is getting in the middle of it, and a lot of fans aren't happy about that," Alondra explained. "But she really does not mean harm. She just knows what she wants, and she’s trying to get it."

Though some viewers, particularly those who want Spencer and Olivia to be endgame, are convinced that Asher will reconnect with Vanessa, there's another dynamic going on. Earlier in the season, Vanessa went on a double date with JJ Parker (Hunter Clowdus), and there have been a few hints that the two could be romantic at some point. 

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Alondra teased that she could see her character having a relationship with JJ, based on what's been shown so far. She also confirmed that it will continue to play out in Season 3.  

"On some of the episodes, we did see a little bit going on between her and JJ, which is so much fun," the actress said. "Viewers will get to see how that unfolds."

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Alondra is "hopeful" that Vanessa will be back for 'All American' Season 4.

While many shows aren't renewed until months after a season finale airs, The CW ordered more episodes for multiple programs in February of 2021, including All American. 

"There's a lot still to be told with all of the characters," Alondra shared about what an early renewal does for the show, which is still in production for Season 3. "I'm hopeful that Vanessa is part of it."

Before fans get too excited for Season 4, there's still much to expect from the third season. 

"There's still a lot of drama coming up, and there's plenty of secrets that we haven't talked about that are going to be seen," Alondra added.

All American airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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