'American Horror Story' Season 10 Wrapped up in the Most Gory, Head-Scratching Way You Could Imagine (SPOILERS)

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Oct. 21 2021, Published 1:34 p.m. ET

Sarah Paulson
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Spoiler Alert: This article contains massive spoilers for the season finale of American Horror Story: Double Feature.

After what feels like an eternity, American Horror Story: Double Feature has finally come to an end. Everything that went down in the last hour was a real 180 from the rest of the season. For lack of better words, the program wrapped up a series of loose ends rather quickly, and gave a damning critique of humanity as a whole.

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So, what exactly went down in the American Horror Story Season 10 finale? Here's a recap of the episode.

Kaia Gerber
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Here's how it all ends during the 'American Horror Story' Season 10 finale.

The episode starts off with Kendall (Kaia Garber) and Jamie (Rachel Hilson) discovering that their friends Troy (Isaac Powell) and Cal (Nico Greetham) had both died attempting to remove the alien babies they were impregnated with. Theta (Angelica Ross), the half-alien, half-human hybrid charged with delivering the babies, has been working tirelessly for decades to achieve what she calls a "perfect specimen," aka the best hybrid possible of a human and an alien.

However, after 60 years of unsuccessful attempts, Kendall delivers the first "perfect specimen" into the world, but not before Jamie is murdered directly in front of her for delivering a less-than-perfect alien baby. In true American Horror Story fashion, Kendall is then decapitated shortly after delivering the baby. Instead of disposing of the body, her head is replaced by what appears to be a spherical alien computer brain that effectively turned her body into a baby-making machine. Yikes.

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Flashing back to the past, President Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) is on his deathbed accompanied by his wife, Mamie (Sarah Paulson), and alien liaison Valiant Thor (Cody Fern). When he passes, Mamie makes it known to Valiant, who she has been seeing romantically, that she wants to live forever. He arranges for her to move into Area 51 where she will never age, and when she does, she quickly becomes friends with Calico (Leslie Grossman).

Leslie Grossman
Source: FX
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Fast-forwarding once again to present day, Mamie is still at the facility living comfortably. Things seem all well and good, until Mamie puts the pieces together that the aliens' plan all along was to wipe out the human race once they achieved their "perfect specimen" hybrid baby. With that news in mind, she recruits Calico and approaches Theta with a proposition to kill their "perfect specimen" in order to save humanity.

Theta agrees to play along at first, but when Mamie enters the birthing facility and approaches the cradle where the alien baby is being housed with the intent to kill it, she is stopped by Theta's alien powers. Theta explains that humans have destroyed Earth and its natural resources and therefore do not deserve to continue living on it. Then, in a quick motion accompanied by the quote "Goodbye, Mrs. Eisenhower," Theta uses her alien powers to make Mamie's head explode.

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At this point, Calico is the only human woman left, but things seem to look a bit more optimistic for her future. Theta tells her that the hybrid babies will need a "mother" to be their caretaker and offers her the job. Naturally, fearing for her life and somewhat agreeing with the notion that humans have destroyed Earth, Calico agrees to take on the job.

'American Horror Story: Double Feature'
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Was the 'AHS' ending satisfying? Did it connect the two parts of the season?

The word "satisfying" is obviously subjective, and while AHS definitely wrapped up Season 10's loose ends, the conclusion did leave a bit to be desired. There was no solid link drawn between the bloodthirsty monsters in a sleepy New England town that the first half was based on and the aliens that the second half focused on. Furthermore, it seemed a bit rushed compared to how previous AHS seasons concluded.

There seemed to be a real buildup of tension that could have resulted in an alien-human showdown at the end of the season. Instead, the most conflict that fans saw was quite literally all of the humans (save for Calico) being murdered in cold blood and the aliens just...winning? Beyond that, the ending didn't even offer a flash-forward like the first half of the season did to see what would have happened years down the line once the aliens assume control of Earth.

While AHS: Double Feature was a welcome departure from the show's usual format, experimental concepts don't always pan out as fans would like them to. Given the fact that each storyline had half of the episodes that they'd normally be afforded to introduce, climax, and conclude a story, it seemed a bit rushed overall. Nonetheless, AHS succeeded at what it does best: offering gory, head-scratching commentary on some of the biggest frights that American lore has to offer.

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