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Source: twitter

Troll Digs Up a Woman's Wedding Photo to "Prove" She's Not as Tall as She Says


Twitter user Amy Brown posted an unbelievable interaction she had with a guy on the social media platform that resulted in him digging up her wedding photo to "mansplain" her own height to her.

A number of people will undoubtedly roll their eyes the second they see the term "mansplain" and ultimately write it off as someone's attempt to turn something that might not be a gender issue into a gender issue.

I'm well aware of that phenomenon and how it works: a lot of people are avowed participants and perpetrators of outrage culture and look for every little tiny thing to turn into a large-scale social issue.

However, in some cases a clear and present bias exists. Like when a dude tried telling Katie Mack climate change isn't real, and she hit him with a bomb of reality so devastating, he deleted his tweets.

Or when Amy here posted a jocular response to a tweet from a gentlemen who has a problem with shaking women's hands. He wants the world to know he's a man's man who likes shaking hands with men only because he enjoys the firm grip of a man's hand on his fingers and palm. Got it, bub? He ain't about that limp, frail life, no way, no sirree. He wants his physical-contact greetings to be with men, what part of that don't you understand? Are you soft in the head?