Andrew Tate Has Contradicted Himself When Asked About His Children — Does He Have Any?

Andrew Tate claims he's had children with several different women. In his words there have been a "few ovens to bake the bread."

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jul. 3 2024, Published 4:57 p.m. ET

Andrew Tate looks angrily at a photographer
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When Andrew Tate isn't being accused of human trafficking, he figuratively traffics in toxic masculinity. The former kickboxer has made quite a name for himself on various social media platforms, where catering to the lowest common misogyny denominator often yields the highest engagement results.

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Tate has shared his troubling views about women in his own videos as well as in conversation with others. For reasons we cannot fathom, he is occasionally asked about children. Perhaps people are curious about what he would say if he had little girls. After all, they'll undoubtedly be women someday. If Tate is to be believed, he might already have kids, though no one has seen any proof of that. Here's what we know about Andrew Tate's children, real or otherwise.

Andrew Tate gives a press conference outside of a Romanian prison
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Andrew Tate's alleged children supposedly have several different mothers.

Internet personality and former Twitch streamer Adin Ross is such good friends with Tate that according to the BBC, he was one of five people allowed to visit him when was in a Romanian prison. It stands to reason that someone that close might know whether or not their very good, extremely incarcerated friend, had sired any children.

While chatting with Tate on his podcast, Ross was absolutely shocked to discover that his very best friend was a father to several children. Initially, Tate made Ross guess, until he worked his way up to the number 12. All the while, Tate was insulted by the idea that he would have less than 10 children, suggesting that would make him a "little b---h." Regarding their mothers, Tate said there have been a "few ovens to bake the bread."

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In April 2024, an interview Tate did was uploaded to the UseYourBrain podcast where he discussed his kids in more detail. This time, Tate opened up about what it felt like to not be able to see his children while he was in prison. Unlike Ross, these phantom kids were not added to his visitation list. Tate said his children are young and are roughly "between the ages of 3, 4, 5 whatever," so they didn't understand what was happening. He also said no one could come and visit him (except for the five people who could).

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Andrew Tate has also spoken as if he has zero children.

At the risk of splitting hairs, we found another interview Tate did where he was asked to answer questions as if he did have children. He answered them in a way that suggested he didn't have kids. But if he does have children between the ages of 3 and 5, they would have already been around when this conversation took place in June 2022.

Raheem Khalid, host of the CEOCAST, also dipped his toes into the Andrew Tate offspring waters. First and foremost, Tate does not believe in monogamy, which is fine, but he does believe "having kids is an amazing thing."

Raheem wanted to know what Tate would do with his money "if he had children." Not only does Tate not correct Raheed but he explains how if he did have kids, they wouldn't see a dime. It truly feels as if Tate cannot keep up with his own lies. We are not surprised by this.

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