"It Was the Craziest Experience Ever" — Angel Saved Woman From Car Crash

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 29 2023, Published 10:55 a.m. ET

One of the scariest experiences to endure is being in a bad car accident. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a whopping 2 million car accidents take place annually.

Not to mention, the CDC shares that a little over 40,000 people die in car accidents yearly.

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People who were involved in car accidents are often vocal about their experiences. In fact, some have shared that there was a supernatural element to their car wreck that left them speechless. Case in point: A woman shared her car accident experience on TikTok.

In a viral video, an angel saved a woman from a car crash and folks are divided about the topic. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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An angel saved a woman from a car crash in a viral video that has earned over 2 million likes.

Do you believe in the supernatural? In a stitch TikTok video, creator Maanijohns (@maanijohns) shared that she agreed with the original creator who talked about folks experiencing the supernatural during a car accident.

As the video starts, the original creator briefly asked users if they’ve “ever heard about the supernatural phenomenon that sometimes happens to people in really bad car wrecks.”

Maani appears in the video and begins to tell her story.

“OK Hi, this happened to me and it was crazy,” Maani said. “In 2019, the person who pays my bills and I were involved in a catastrophic car accident that left me disabled. We were not wearing seatbelts. Please always wear your seatbelt.”

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Maani continued: “Basically, he hydroplaned into a tree and it was nothing he could do to stop that so he acted as my seatbelt and tried to strap me in. Of course, that didn’t work, but at least he tried.

Maani shared that she and the man who pays her bills have the same story of the accident until this point.

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“So, I opened the car door and I’m shouting, ‘Help, help, help, and this lady comes and drags me from under my arms and places me on the grass,’” Maani explained. “So it was the road, grass, and ravine that we hit. She’s like, ‘My name is Amber and I’m a nursing student, keep talking to me.’”

Maani shared that she was talking to Amber, coughing up blood, and spitting glass as the woman assured her.

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“All I could smell was a car crash,” Maani said. “So, I’m talking to her and I’m scared. I have really bad anxiety. I have panic attacks and I feel like I’m going to panic.”

The creator said that Amber continued to reassure her and “rock her back and forth.”

However, Maani said that truthfully, once she got out of the car, the man she was with got locked in and they had to wait for emergency responders to get him out. She said that the police arrived first before the paramedics to inquire about how the crash occurred.

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“They could see my injuries but I couldn’t see my injuries,” Maani shared. “Amber says, ‘She has broken ankles, both of her ankles are broken.' And I don’t freak out because I remember when she was dragging me, I saw blood rims around my ankles. So it didn’t cause me to panic."

However, Maani jumped up after Amber told the officers that she didn't want her to go into shock.

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“Shock? I don’t want to go into shock,” Maani said. “People die from shock. Shock?”

As Maani continued to freak out, she said that Amber reassured her that she would be fine.

“She leaned me back and I couldn’t see my injuries, but I’m now aware that I have broken ankles. The paramedics come and they load me into the vehicle. I’m like, ‘OK Amber, are you going to call?’”

Amber then said “I’m going to call. I know what hospital you’re going to. It’s OK. Everything is fine.”

Maani said that she never heard from Amber again. She went on to describe Amber and shared that her experience was “so real.”

“Everybody on the scene said that there was no Amber,” Maani recalled. “It was a man that helped you out of the car.”

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The creator said that the man that pays her bills said she “was screaming his name for bloody murder” the whole time until the man helped her out of the car.

Maani shared that she denied their account and insisted that Amber is real.

“It was the craziest experience ever and I’m thankful that she was there,” Maani said. “And now, I realize that the experience is this. I talk to everybody and they say, ‘Sometimes that happens.’ Wild, completely wild.”

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TikTok users are divided about Maani’s experience.

Hearing that a person believes that an angel helped them after a car accident is one that may give some people pause. Of course, those who believe in a higher power automatically believe it, but others think that science ultimately plays a role.

“Angel,” one person commented. And Maani replied that her mom told her the exact thing once the accident happened.

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“It was your brain protecting you. You could have been seeing someone that let's say reminds you of your mom, to keep you awake and responsive,” another person said.

“I’m a spiritualist and when vivid things like that happen, I highly believe that you are observing a different you. It was real. Just not on this earth,” a user chimed in.

No matter where you stand on the side of a higher power taking over or a scientific reason for Maani’s experience, everyone can agree that they are happy she made it out of the car accident alive.

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