'Hollywood Unlocked's' Jason Lee and Angela Stanton Exchange Verbal Blows During an Interview

Do Angela Stanton and Jason Lee have beef? Angela appeared on 'Hollywood Unlocked' and spoke about a topic that led to a verbal lashing.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

May 28 2021, Published 1:09 p.m. ET

Angela Stanton and Entrepreneur Jason Lee
Source: Twitter/Instagram

There are plenty of shows that discuss pop culture and breaking news, but Hollywood Unlocked has done a great job of separating itself from the pack. Hosted by Jason Lee, Blue Telusma, and DJ Damage, the show regularly taps into what’s going on in the world — meaning no topic is off-limits. While things can sometimes get a bit testy, their latest interview has left social media in shambles.

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While appearing on Hollywood Unlocked, author Angela Stanton had a discussion with the hosts about her relationship with her daughter. However, things took a turn between Jason and Angela, as opinions clashed. And now, viewers are wondering if these two dynamic personalities have beef. Read on to get the 4-1-1.

Do Angela Stanton and Jason Lee have beef? Insults were thrown during an interview.

Angela Stanton's daughter, Jaybies, is transgender. While Jaybies has been very open about her new pronouns, her mother has not been as supportive as she would like. This was also something that was discussed when Jaybies and Angela appeared on Dr.Phil in early April 2021.

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Jason Lee, Host and Creator of Hollywood Unlocked
Source: Instagram

In a previous interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Jaybies explained that while her mother has friends who are in the LGBTQ community, she feels as though Angela doesn't accept her for who she is.

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Jason took it upon himself to invite Angela on the show to have a chat about the issue, and the conversation didn’t go as planned. Angela and the hosts were not on the same page about her beliefs on not wanting to refer to her daughter with the correct pronouns. (Please note that the following video features Angela referring to her child with incorrect pronouns.)

Source: YouTube
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“I don’t have the right to call my son the name I gave him at birth?” she asked the hosts. “There ain’t been no name change or transition. So, why are you all asking me to respect something that’s not even real.”

Jason quickly responded to defend Jaybies. 

“My answer to that is yes, if your daughter, your child wants to be called what she wants to be called you should honor that,”  Jason told Angela.

And then, all hell broke loose. Angela then said to Jason that if his mother — who has struggled with drugs in the past— wanted him “to call her a crackhead a-- h-- will he do it.”

Jason then proceeded to read Angela for filth.

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Source: Instagram

“Even in my mother’s darkest days, she never acted like you,” Jason told Angela. “F--- you and your homosexual whatever issues you got because you probably ate some p---- at some point in prison and it got you f------ up. You know what, you are the most ignorant piece of s--- person I’ve had on this show."

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He continued, "If you could figure out how to clock the f--- out like you did mentally when it came to your own child, you can go ahead and go."

Angela was on mute as Jason laid into her, and he didn’t stop there. 

Author Angela Stanton
Source: Twitter
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“Let me go ahead and tell you something, your daughter is prettier than you. Your daughter put on better makeup than you, and your daughter is probably getting the d--- that you ain’t have and that’s why you’re such a mean-spirited evil b---. Now click this mother-------- camera off."

Whew chile!

Angela and Jason likely won’t be able to put their issues to bed.

While people can sometimes engage in vicious verbal wars, the situation is bigger than a simple argument.

There are so many people who are scared to be who they truly are because of the lack of support and judgment from the outside world, so someone being able to be loud and proud about who they are is an achievement in itself.

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Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee
Source: Instagram

Jason is also a member of the LGBTQ community, so this topic is something that he is passionate about. Although Jason has been able to bury the hatchet with past guests on his show, there is no telling if he and Angela will be able to come to an understanding.

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
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Not to mention, some of the insults that were thrown were very vicious and some people are not so forgiving. Judging by Jason's recent Instagram post, Angela's ignorance is enough to keep them from ever having another sit-down.

If you or someone you know is a member of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning community and need support, the LGBT National Help Center provides free and confidential resources.

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