Angela White Tweeted About Dogecoin and Its Value Skyrocketed 125 Percent

Adult film star Angela White rocked a Dogecoin T-shirt in a tweet, and the post about the ironic cryptocurrency and its value increased dramatically.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 3 2021, Published 11:23 a.m. ET

angela white dogecoin
Source: Twitter

Even if you're completely oblivious to the minutiae of the cryptocurrency market, then there's probably a good chance you've heard of Bitcoin and all of the sudden millionaires who ended up becoming richer than their wildest dreams could've ever prognosticated with a modest startup investment. The volatility of crypto-currencies are notorious, not to mention the variety, too. Which is why Angela White's Dogecoin tweet is hilarious.

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Angela White tweeted about Dogecoin, and its value shot up significantly.

Every crypto trader is looking for the hot new commodity that's going to gain traction, and folks are always investing a few dollars into different currencies in the hopes that one will "pop" one day. Problem is, there's no cryptos being launched every single day it seems β€” and there are more than a few that make fun of the capricious and impromptu nature of just making a new e-dollar. Dogecoin is a pretty good example of that.

Source: Twitter
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The crypto is based off of the adorable Shiba Inu meme of the same name, but people were actually investing in it. Blame it on the venn-diagram confluence of internet culture jokes with individuals who enjoy trading crypto, but Dogecoin seems to have caught on. And when grown-up movie actress Angela White tweeted a photo of herself wearing the hilarious Shiba Inu's face along with a message about "holding" onto her Dogecoin, the crypto's value shot up.

It's value shot up from about .004 cents to approximately .011 cents, more than doubling in value ever since her tweet went on the web. It's not crazy to think that her followers saw the message and were reminded of Dogecoin's existence or went and immediately bought some and then, other crypto investors seeing the increase, may have wanted to quickly cash in on its market expansion.

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Source: Trading View

Where to view live Dogecoin price.

A great tool to check the live prices of crypto currencies is Trading View, and you check out Dogecoin, and other valuations by visiting here. If you want to buy yourself some Dogecoin, unfortunately, you won't be able to trade in it from one of the most popular Crypto wallet apps out there: Coinbase. Kraken is a popular wallet program that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and is secure with a big user base.

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I've found from my personal experience that the application is a bit confusing to use and even after spending several minutes going through Kraken's verification process, I was unable to purchase crypto with cash, and found logging in through the mobile app (generating a QR code with two-factor authentication is difficult, and typing in a combined 40+ random API character key) was a hassle, as well.

Source: Twitter
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You could also cash in on Dogecoin by using the Robinhood app, which is another popular mobile application trading solution for both stocks and cryptocurrencies. You can install in on Android here, and if you're an iPhone user, you can get the "investing for all" app here.

Source: Twitter

So should you invest in Dogecoin? Again, cryptocurrencies are volatile, but the good news with Doge is that it seems like it's been around for a few years and these little surges could result in a serious financial "hit" for you one day. Or you could just have several hundreds of dollars stagnating in some digital cash account, and you'll never have an inkling as to when those funds will skyrocket or not. But that's the "fun" of crypto investments.

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