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Everyone Is Obsessed With This TikToker Angrily Cheering on a Kid Frosting Their Cake



If you needed something to cheer you up (let's be real, all of us need this), angryreactions on TikTok is the answer. You may have seen the video of angryreactions (Oneya Johnson) angrily cheering on a young girl frosting a cake (it has nearly 32 million views), but Oneya has other delightful and hilarious videos in which he angrily encourages people or calls them out. In fact, he has multiple channels you should be following. 

Who is angryreactions on TikTok?

The person behind angryreactions, a collection of positively angry duets, is 22-year-old Oneya Johnson, who has another TikTok page called faceonlyamothercouldlove, where he posts funny reactions to comments and cute videos of his kids (he has a toddler daughter and infant son). He also has a YouTube page called Humble King, but it only has around 90k subscribers so far. According to his Facebook page, he currently lives in Chicago, and he's originally from Jackson, Mississippi. Angryreactions was created August 23 and it's already a viral sensation.

If you need a pick-me-up as well as some some motivation, let Oneya Johnson be your personal life coach. Seriously, he's very good at it.

And his kids are extremely adorable. Here's a TikTok in which he's promoting his YouTube channel and his daughter "interrupts" him. "Being a TikToker with kids," the video caption reads. 

Even though he's relatively new to the TikTok space, Oneya has seemingly always been hilarious. Here's a photo he posted back in 2018 that shows him "showing off" diapers instead of cash. His caption: "When you wanna flex but you a father now." LOL.

It's unclear if they're still together (both of their Facebook pages say they're single), but the mother of his children is a woman named Jill Thurmond. Facebook says she's self-employed and is a boxer at Boxer Depot, which is super badass. 

The best of angryreactions.

Hopefully Oneya gets his own show on Netflix one day, because this is truly the content we need in 2020. Aside from the cake frosting video which catapulted him into viral famedom, his other duets on his angryrections TikTok page are just as funny if not funnier. Like, watch him totally rip this dude apart for wearing socks to the pool. While he pokes fun at him, he also (angrily) encourages him to embrace and love his feet, since Oneya figures he's probably wearing socks to hide them. "Be comfortable in your own skin," he captioned the video.

Here's another, where Oneya defends a man who initially seems like he might be getting assaulted. "Don't touch him like that!" Oneya yells. But then as soon as the man defends himself using professional combat-fighting skills, Oneya changes his tune. "He go! He go! I told you!" 

Maybe the most heart-warming TikTok is Oneya cheering a basketball player on, telling his that he's got this. 

Angryreactions is only two days old, so we're just patiently waiting for Oneya to create more videos to make our day. We're sure the comedian's got a lot more coming, and we cannot wait. 

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