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Source: Imgur

These Are the Best Animal Photobombs of All Time


Animal photobombs are an art form all their own. They are about a million times better than any human photobomb because, most of the time, the animals have no idea what they're doing, but they still manage to look like they are hardcore cheesing for the camera. Plus, just in general, animals are way cuter than humans. They just are.

I do want to warn you. These animal photobombs will make you want to run to the nearest shelter and get yourself a pet. Even if you have one already. They'll also make you want to travel the world. To Machu Picchu... for the llamas. To New York City...for the police horses. To Australia...just to snag a selfie with a quokka. You won't be able to get through this list without squealing with delight. Just try.

Source: Twitter

Seal hello to your penguin friends! This seal wanted to be the star of the photo bad enough to scoot into frame, but not bad enough to get up. What? He was taking a nap, and after this photo, he's going to fall right back to sleep.