Let's Add "Another Feather in Your Cap" to the List of 'Wheel of Fortune' Epic Fails

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Mar. 2 2022, Published 12:10 p.m. ET

From "Surf Clay Where We Go" to "Self-Potato," there have been numerous cringe-worthy fails on Wheel of Fortune.

Now, we don't blame these contestants for choking on national television; being under scalding stage lights and facing the judgmental gaze of host Pat Sajak is sure to be a stressful experience. However, that doesn't stop us from looking back at these moments and indulging a laugh or two.

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However, sometimes Wheel of Fortune fails are so incredibly frustrating that we can't help but scream at our televisions like it's the last quarter of the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, this was the case for the March 1, 2022, episode, where we quite possibly witness the worst two-minute sequence in the game show's history — the three contestants epically fail to solve "Another Feather in Your Cap." Stick around as we dive into the puzzle and the tragic failure that left viewers fuming.

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"Another Feather in Your Cap" stumped three 'Wheel' contestants.

The answer is as clear as day, but apparently, not everyone saw the puzzle the same way.

For one of the phrase puzzles, the classic Wheel of Fortune board reads "AN_THER FEATHER _N Y__R _A_." After contestant Laura Machado buys a vowel and adds two O's to the board, she tells Pat she'd like to solve the puzzle.

She states, "Another Feather in Your Hat," and encounters dead silence from the audience and the incorrect buzzer. Christopher Coleman is next, and for some reason, he guesses the letter G; then, it was Thomas Lipscomb's turn, which results in Bankruptcy.

Well, now we're back to square one with Laura, who confidently assumes "Another Feather in Your Lap" as the phrase ... My god, this is brutal. Yet again, Christopher incorrectly guesses a letter, and Thomas lands on "Lose a Turn."

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Ugh — back to Laura again. This time around, she spins and guesses the letter "P," which appears on the board and must help her solve the puzzle, right? Wrong. She tries her third answer, declaring "Another Feather in Your Map" as the answer ... We don't know about you, but we are infuriated with her.

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Christopher is back, landing on Bankrupt and keeping this dumpster fire alive. Finally, Thomas saves us all, guessing the letter C and correctly solving the puzzle, "Another Feather in Your Cap."

Hooray! It only took them nearly three minutes and eight unsuccessful turns for our torture to end.

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Following this epic fail, viewers had a field day on social media, with many airing their frustrations and aggravations on Twitter.

"These dumba-- people on Wheel of Fortune are pissing me off," one user wrote. Another added that these were the most "clueless Wheel of Fortune contestants [they've] ever witnessed."

A third claimed the puzzle was the "longest two minutes" in Wheel of Fortune history, while others commented that Thomas knew the answer the entire time but kept getting "burned by horrible spins back to back."

New episodes of Wheel of Fortune air weeknights at 7:30 p.m. EST on ABC.

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